Data Summit Luxembourg & Schengen-X

December 4thDecember 5th

Data Summit Luxembourg 
& Schengen-X

European Convention Center Luxembourg

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About the Events

Two key actors in the European Data Spaces landscape have joined forces. Join in for two days of intriguing discussions around data and intriguing impact projects through various use-cases and demonstrations, both nationally and on a cross-border scale. Learn more about the agenda below and register to join the events.

Data Summit Luxembourg

04 December 2023

The Data Summit Luxembourg will provide you with inspiring knowledge, fruitful discussions and intriguing impact projects, demonstrating value creation from multiple sources of data. On the road to becoming the leading international event for public sector data, the Data Summit is created and hosted by the Luxembourg National Data Services (LNDS). LNDS will hold its inaugural launch event on the morning of Monday 4th December, and the first Data Summit Luxembourg meeting for the data-savvy audience in the afternoon.
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04-05 December 2023

Organized by the five Gaia-X hubs representing the originators of the Schengen treaty (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands), Schengen-X is a regional event to explain the Gaia-X framework and illustrate its application in various cross-border use cases and applications. Schengen-X will run on Monday 4th afternoon and Tuesday 5th morning, side by side to the Data Summit Luxembourg.
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About the Sessions

During the registration you will have the possibility to choose your preferred sessions during the 2 days. 


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