Data Summit Luxembourg & Schengen-X

Data Summit Luxembourg

Dec 4, 2023 | 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM


The Data Summit Luxembourg will provide you with inspiring knowledge, fruitful discussions and intriguing impact projects, demonstrating value creation from public sector data. On the road to becoming the leading international event for public sector data, the Data Summit Luxembourg is created and hosted by the Luxembourg National Data Services (LNDS). Overview of the Data Summit Luxembourg agenda: 14:00-14:15 Introduction & Welcome to the first edition of Data Summit Luxembourg. Bert Verdonck, CEO, Luxembourg National Data Service 14:15-15:00 What services does LNDS provide? - A deeper look into the LNDS service portfolio and how we build services to support data projects for impact. Christophe Trefois, Head of Technology, Luxembourg National Data Service Wei Gu, Head of Service, Luxembourg National Data Service Regina Becker, Fellow ELSI, Luxembourg National Data Service 15:00-15:10 Data projects for Impact: Identification of missing very-high-capacity-networks (VHCN) in Luxembourg Julien Larios, Technical Director, MyConnectivity 15:10-15:20 Data projects for Impact: Data Cataloguing at the Luxembourg Environment Agency Anne Majerus, Deputy Director, Luxembourgish Environment Agency Isabelle Naegelen, Coordinator of Environmental Data, Luxembourgish Environment Agency 15:20-15:30 Data projects for Impact: Data through LNDS from request to enrichment Françoise Berthet, Direction de l’Observatoire national de la santé Aymeric d’Hérouël, Data Architecture 15:30-15:40 Data projects for Impact: Enabling Transparency and Trust in Research Data of C2DH Projects Tugce Karatas, Research Scientist/Data Manager, C2DH Ghislain Sillaume, Project Coordinator/Research Support, C2DH 15:40-16:40 Networking break: Walk, talk & network at the LNDS booths in the Foyer. Get to know LNDS services & data projects in closer details 16:45-17:15 Data projects for Impact: Enhancing Knowledge in Luxembourg Innovation Ecosystems Mohamed Toumi, Senior Market Intelligence Analyst, Luxinnovation 16:55-17:05 Data projects for Impact: Crafting a Complete Data Picture for Better Policies Bruno Rodrigues, PhD, Head of Statistics and Data Strategy Departments Ministry of Higher Education and Research 17:05-17:15 Data projects for Impact: XBorder Project - A linked administrative dataset for the Greater Region of Luxembourg Christina Gathmann, Head of Labour Market Department Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) 17:15-17:45 Keynote speech & Roundtable: Data spaces in Europe and their relevance for Luxembourg Keynote by Federico Milani, Deputy Head of the Data Policy and Innovation Unit within the DG-CNECT, European Commission Followed by Discussion including Federico Milani, Ulrich Ahle (CEO, Gaia-X), and Bert Verdonck (CEO, Luxembourg National Data Service) 17:45-18:00 Wrap up & outlook for 2024 Discussions may continue in the Foyer at the LNDS stands after the event.